GMT Lighting Profile

First established in 1962 in the Melbourne suburb of Hawthorn, GMT Lighting have since been providing an extensive range of lamps to a wide range of industries throughout Australia.

GMT Lighting has strong beliefs in integrity, honesty and family values. These values show through in our dealings with our customers. We provide the best possible service, excellent quality, and most competitive prices.

The team at GMT Lighting has years of experience and knowledge. With the support of our world-class suppliers, we aim to provide the best in technical advice and support to all our clients.

GMT Lighting’s clients include government departments, hospitals, city councils, schools, clubs, real estate agents, electrical maintenance businesses, and also some of the largest casinos and entertainment venues in Australia.

GMT’s reputation has been built on the range and quantity of the stock we have available. Combined with satisfying our clients by offering the keenest prices and best quality products. Specific requests including non-catalog items will be met with our unwavering commitment to service. We’re known for having the largest range of lamps on hand. We either have it or we will get it for you.

Product Range

GMT Lighting is a major distributor of replacement lamps with top brands such as Philips, GE, Osram, Deluxlite, Orbitec, Sylvania, and many more. Our large range enables us to serve many different industries including – commercial lighting, theatrical, industrial, domestic, medical lamps, audiovisual, stage studio lights and other specialist industries.


Our lamp range includes fluorescent tubes, compact fluorescent energy savers, miniature lamps, high intensity discharge lamps, LED lights, stage/studio lamps, projection lamps, halogen globes and many more.


GMT Lighting emphasizes long life in lamps and tubes to reduce our customer’s maintenance costs. This is just one way to show our commitment to quality goods that give value for money.

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